Contribute to the Conversation

Digital Provocation Series: Invitation to participate

What does it mean to engage with difference in the context of your practice?

Thank you for your interest in ETHER.  We are now gathering ‘Digital Provocations’, i.e. specific experience- or data-based examples, which illustrate how ETHER’s core question speaks to members’ own arts, educational or research practice. These examples will be shared publicly on ETHER website, which is intended for wide dissemination among members from creative, academic, public and third sectors. For examples of provocation pieces, check out our multimodal collection of videos and blogs.

There are two ways to contribute at this time and have your work featured as part of ETHER:

  • If you have an existing example of your work (e.g. website, video, blog, image, a piece of data, etc.) that you are able to share digitally via ETHER website, you can email us a link/file with a brief explanation of the connection (approx. 150-200 words)
  • You can write a new blog entry (flexible length, but preferably no more than 1,000 words; ideally accompanied by relevant images if available) which describes your context and explains how the core question of engaging with difference matters in it.

Some guiding questions that may inform your Provocation:

  • What does ‘difference’ mean in your work?
  • How do you engage with it?
  • What questions are you asking or what challenges do you meet?

Your entry should be accompanied by your photo and a brief biographic note, which will appear on ETHER website.

To submit your response and for any questions, please email us at