Amber Galloway-Gallego

When Amber Galloway, MasterWord’s Associate Director of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing services, is not championing communication access, she is busy teaching future interpreters and directing her own music interpreting agency, interpreting concerts and music festivals into American Sign Language. She is frequently praised for her ability to passionately convey the connection between lyrics and sounds and, more importantly, Deaf audience members have often said they are able to connect to musical performances more than they ever had in the past. As Amber has become one of the “most recognized sign language interpreters” in the world, according to Vibe magazine, she is ever conscious of using her status to actively promote access and equality in the Deaf community.

Amber holds the national RID CT&CI, NIC, Texas BEI Level V, Oral Certified: Comprehensive interpreting certifications, has over 20 years of interpreting experience and more than 10 years as an interpreter educator.

Checkout Amber’s 2018 TED Talk, Music with a message should be accessible

Seminar Three Provocation: Proactive Sign Language Access – Looking Through the Lens of an Interpreter’s Journey with Communication Access in the Entertainment World

Amber draws from her own personal perspective and through lived experiences, she shows the development of ASL music interpretation over the last few years and the impact it has been having on sign language music interpreting not only in the States but all over the world.

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