Cecile de Cat

Cécile De Cat is Professor of Linguistics at the University of Leeds and Professor II at the University of Tromso. She also leads the Speech and Language Action Project group at the Centre for Applied Education Research, in Bradford. Originally from Belgium, she discovered theoretical linguistics and language acquisition research during an MA at the University of Durham, followed by a PhD and post-doc at the University of York. She joined the University of Leeds in 2004.

Her current research interests include the interplay between language and cognition in monolingual and bilingual children, the developmental and environmental predictors of bilingual children’s proficiency in the school language, individual differences in bilingual outcomes, language processing in adult bilinguals, and experimental syntax. She is currently leading an ESRC-funded project on how to document and Quantify Bilingual Experience to inform research and practice (including teaching and therapy).

Cecile is a member of ETHER’s Advisory Board.


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