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Dagmar Dyck

Artist, Researcher, Art Educator, Auckland
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Dagmar Dyck ARTIST Born 1972 Aotearoa / New Zealand New Zealand artist, researcher and art educator of Tongan, German, Dutch and Polish descent. Dagmar’s maternal lineage hails from the Wolfgramm and Hemaloto kainga from the village of ‘Utungake, Vava’u, Tonga. Her paternal lineage includes Dutch, Polish and German ancestry and links to her father’s birthplace in Gdansk, Poland. Deeply thoughtful, Dyck's art practice as a painter, printmaker and weaver combines historical threads to create immersive and interactive experiences that transcend the recreation of the aesthetic structure of patterns sourced within material textiles.

Her navigation in and around different worldviews is at the heart of her identity and arts practice. Recognising the nuances of ‘Ethics and Aesthetics of Encountering the Other’ is a ‘vā’ (space) that she keenly embraces and nurtures through the platform of her various roles.

Seminar One Provocation:  See me, know me, believe in me: The art of offering reciprocal time (tā) and space (vā)  

 Abstract: Whilst much progress has been achieved within our New Zealand educational landscape the story of marginalisation and racial inequities continue to persist for our Māori and Pasifika learners. Rather than focus on the negative narrative my provocation will focus on the awareness that visual arts education is a powerful platform for Pasifika learners to embrace success as Pasifika and for the need to support culturally sustaining teaching practices. The subject of my video will delve into strategies used to connect and engage with my learners on an authentic and meaningful level.