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Elisabetta Adami

Associate Professor of Multimodal Communication, University of Leeds

Elisabetta Adami is Associate Professor of Multimodal Communication at the University of Leeds.  Her current research interests are focussed on developing a social semiotic multimodal approach for the analysis of trans- inter- and cross-cultural communication.

ETHER Seminar Two Digital Provocation Abstract: Communicating with others beyond language

In this provocation I will present a couple of examples of meaning making towards perceived others done by using objects as resources of communication. These examples of communication beyond language with perceived others will lead me to ask questions on appropriation, on what defines successful communication, and on what is intercultural. I will not provide answers. Rather, I will try to show how, by looking at instances of communication beyond language, we might be able to uncover meaning-making principles practices with perceived others that help us dismantle ideas of ‘intercultural’ as hinged on national or ethnic criteria and, possibly, redefine ‘otherness’ in more dynamic, relational, situated and emerging ways.