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Kate Fellows

Head of Learning and Access, Leeds Museums and Galleries

Kate wants to change the whole world for the better… but she’ll start with Leeds for now! She has worked with object based learning in museums for over 16 years for a range of organisations from the National Trust, to Harewood House and IWM North, and is currently the Head of Learning and Access for Leeds Museums and Galleries. She was the 2010-11 Learning Fellow on the Clore Cultural Leadership Programme. Along the way, she has met and worked with many wonderful, amazing people, has learnt so much and is still learning.

SEMINAR TWO DIGITAL PROVOCATION ABSTRACT:  ‘Hi, my name’s Kate, what’s your name?’: meeting people as individuals

How can cultural organisations create a space where we can meet people as individuals, and celebrate difference for shared learning? What happens when it goes horribly wrong? What questions should we ask ourselves and what should our guiding principles be? Using Careers for All (meaningful work experience for individuals living with additional needs) and other examples from learning programmes at Leeds Museums and Galleries, we will explore the process of othering, engaging with difference and how we can do that honestly and for the benefit of everyone.