Mohasin Ahmed

Mohasin Ahmed

I am an MPH student at University of Glasgow, the Development Worker for two Collective Advocacy groups for people with lived experience of mental health issues, from LGBTQI+ and ethnic minority backgrounds. I am also the co-creator of a social space/club night: Mojxmma. I am proudly queer and of mixed ethnicity, with Sudanese and Scottish roots. My work and research is centred around raising the voices of marginalised groups and reducing health inequalities. I created Mojxmma in 2018 in response to the lack of safe social spaces for queer POC in my hometown Edinburgh. I hosted one club night in February 2019 before the COVID-19 pandemic and since then I have held a virtual healing space and hosted shows on local radios, playing music and discussing topics related to LGBTQIA+ and BPOC culture.


ETHER Seminar Two Digital Provocation Abstract: Mojxmma: A space where dance and music celebrates the “other”.

I will be showing a short video to demonstrate how I found liberation through creating a safe nightlife space; Mojxmma. This club night differs from traditional clubbing spaces in Scotland as it was created with the intention to attract those who feel unwelcome in normal public spaces, and focused on creating a sense of freedom and joy.

People who belong to LGBTQI+ and BPOC communities often have to hide who they are and mask their true self to feel acceptance in society. However, music and movement are often used as an act of resistance to facilitate self-expression and radical self-love. Nightlife has played an important factor in the development of meaningful relationships and finding community for marginalised groups.

In this provocation I will discuss and show the media which has inspired me, and demonstrate how community and self-acceptance can flourish when individuals are given the opportunity to express themselves through music and dance in a safe space.


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