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ETHER Newsletter ed. 1

Issue 1

In our first edition of ETHER News we introduce readers to our upcoming Seminar: The Art of Seeing and Hearing the Other. Included is a sneak preview of the Creative Lab led by violinist Pavel Fischer, our Artist in Residence. Pavel is joined by accordionist Jakub Jedlinsky and together they demonstrate what happens when two musicians, who know and respect each other, attempt to enter together into the magical world of musical imagination. We then present our Digital Provocation Series highlighting a video contribution from future panelist Lara-Stephanie Krause as well as blogs from our diverse membership: opera composer, Jonathan Dove CBE; creative practitioner, Sarah-Jane Mason; ETHER Project Assistant, Parinita Shetty; Head of Learning at Leeds Museums and Galleries, Kate Fellows. Our ‘Spotlight On’ section showcases one of Kate’s community projects Leonado Da Vinci for the Under fives. And ‘In Other News’, we link to stories around the world which resonate with the theme ‘encounters with difference’. In this edition you can learn about the value of a feminist mural to residents in Madrid as well as a French perfumer’s rationale for capturing the scent of a poor neighbourhood.

ETHER Newsletter Edition 1

ETHER Newsletter ed. 2

Issue 2 

Our second edition of ETHER News focuses on our Seminar 1 programme with introductions to our Keynote Speaker, Rosine Kelz and Conversation lead, Ana Deumert. We meet the panelists who promise a truly engaging discussion based on a range of encounters presented in their digital provocations. Creative interests reach far and wide: from an exhibition of ‘indigenous electronic art’ at the Modern Art Museum in Salvador da Bahia to arts practices with Pasifika students in New Zealand; from a podcast exploring aspects of intersectionality in media texts to arts festivals in Lanzarote; from German-African church services to traditional lullabies at Opera North. We highlight a new blog from panelists Joke Dewilde and Ingrid Rodrick Beiler whose research looks at engagement with difference in language classes for migrant learners. Among the stories ‘In Other News’ we include A Small Antelope Horn, a video showing a pioneering physicist who ponders how it is that he can feel so at home sitting around a fire with members of the Hadza tribe in Africa. 

ETHER Newsletter Edition 2

ETHER Newsletter ed. 3

Issue 3

Our third edition of ETHER News gives you a flavour of our two-day seminar: The Art of Seeing and Hearing the Other. Excerpts from conversations, panel discussions and chatbring key themes to life and participant reflections keep the buzz going. We  introduce our second Seminar,  The Ethical Drama of Encountering the Other, and whet your appetite with news of a workshop with our Artist in Residence, Rosie Kay. There is also an introduction to our new Resource Library, an exciting new space on our website providing easy access to a range of resources. At this one-stop-shop you can find blogs, provocations, video chats as well as seminar recordings of the Keynote, Conversation and Creative Lab. In Other News we look at a range of stories which resonate with key themes of ETHER In this edition, one story  that links to our upcoming seminar is an  article by Dan Hutton who considers the role theatres play in instigating debate and changing lives. With venues open again, he believes this is a chance to build a truly civic theatre culture. 

ETHER Newsletter Edition 3

ETHER Newsletter ed. 4

Issue 4

This edition of our newsletter focuses on our upcoming seminar: The Ethical Drama of Encountering the Other. We introduce our Keynote Speaker, Charlotta Palmstierna Einarsson, and Artist in Residence, Rosie Kay. We also meet our panelists who promise a truly engaging discussion based on a range of encounters presented in their digital provocations. Once again, it is an eclectic mix of thought-provoking topics which take us to a range of settings such as a dramatic recreation of a scene in a Chinese community centre in Birmingham and a night club in Scotland, created as a safe space for marginalised members of a community to express themselves through music and dance. We experience emotive film poetry as well as a performance of collaborative movement that speaks against the violence embodied in female bodies. Curious? Click the link below to read more.

ETHER Newsletter Edition 4


ETHER Newsletter ed. 5

Issue 5

The latest edition of our newsletter gives you a flavour of what interested, inspired and excited us during our two-day seminar: The Ethical Drama of Encountering the Other. Extracts from the panel discussions, keynote, creative lab and conversations offer key insights into the wide-ranging ideas our participants shared. We introduce our third and final Seminar: Creating a Culture of Encountering the Other with our exciting line-up of speakers and information on how to register. In Arts With An Edge, we feature the TV series It’s A Sin, the short film Hopscotch, and the play Age on Stage – all three narratives which provoke thought (and potentially discomfort) through their engagements with difference. In Other News, we focus on a series that explores issues of race, disability and gender in the British TV industry.

ETHER Newsletter Edition 5

ETHER Newsletter ed. 6

Issue 6

The sixth edition of our newsletter is a seminar special. It outlines the programme for our final seminar “Creating a Culture of Encountering the Other” and introduces the artists, linguists, philosophers and educators who will be participating in the seminar discussions. It features our keynote speaker Gert Biesta and our Conversation facilitator Erin Moriarty Harrelson. We also spotlight our panelists and the wide range of projects and spaces they have been engaged in. These include poetry as art and protest, the role of public architecture in post-conflict settings, music as a space of communication, comfort and discomfort, considerations of otherness in travel writing, and the intersection of storytelling, conversations and sharing space in classrooms as a way of disrupting preconceived notions. Read about how their work contributes to creating a culture of encountering the other in ETHER News.

ETHER Newsletter Edition 6

ETHER Newsletter ed. 7

Issue 7

The seventh edition of ETHER News offers a glimpse into what inspired our conversations, questions and imaginations during Seminar 3 “Creating a Culture of Encountering the Other”. Extracts from the panel discussions, keynote, and conversation offer key insights into the wide-ranging ideas our participants shared. We also discuss the AILA (International Association for Applied Linguistics) Congress in July 2023 in Lyon where ETHER will be participating. Our symposium “Sociolinguistics, Ethics and the Art of Encountering the Other” advances the sociolinguistics of ethical encounters.

ETHER Newsletter Edition 7